Piano Works

Miniatures, minimalist impressions, often originated from improvisation or a few overheard sounds. They make up the Scènes inachevées series (“Unfinished Scenes”). Each of them marks one moment, a specific emotion, a reminiscence. All together, divided into consecutive dozens, they constitute a musical diary of sorts.

I invite artists from various fields of visual arts to each part of the series. Together, we enrich my songs with an additional dimension.

The beginning of the story is careful, very minimalist. It has been inspired by the music of Erik Satie, a bit more than the later parts. Each of the miniatures is an emotion or event - fleeting but significant to me. I try to tell about them with as few sounds as possible.

The visualisations were prepared by a pair of artist photographers: Karpati & Zarewicz, non-obvious authors of non-obvious photos, sometimes hiding their meanings, and Aga Konarska, who subtly animated them. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

A continuation of the story from the first part. From the very beginning, the album was meant to be a stand-alone story about Travel. Beginning with the Departure, and ending with the Return. But then another piece was written, the last one – The New Beginning. It seems the end of one story is the place to start another.

As it is still the same story, the visual setting is also the same: photos by Karpati & Zarewicz, animations: Aga Konarska. From my work on visualizations, I especially remember the first discussions with Aga about what and how to move in which photo, what message to include, and how to diversify the form. All available to watch on YouTube.

Something new. The music is a bit more complex here. And maybe a bit more melodic. I think of this part as a step in the right direction. Not the last one yet, still going further, but then I was right there. And I remember that I liked this place. And I still like to come back there.

A new story and new visuals. This time again three artists, but different. The originator and artistic director of the project was Róża Bartnicka, a painter and graphic artist, whose spatial installations were filmed in an original way by Ksawery Kowalski, and the works were finished by the editor, Marysia Burakowska. It is remarkable how many different aspects of Róża's works have been brought out with these films, using camera lights. The effects can be seen on YouTube.

The album is partly inspired by the works of Erik Satie (you can find here 3 pieces directly referring to the French composer's Trois Gymnopédies). But you can also hear other, less obvious references here. Also more contemporary.

The cover of the album is a painting by Krystyna Mol – inspired by one of the pieces. There are a total of 12 such images – one for each composition. The images then became an inspiration for Anna Šalva to create her own animations – now on YouTube.

The next volume of Unfinished Scenes is 12 more steps of the journey. Another 12 piano miniatures in the same minimalist style. With another portion of dissonances forming unusual harmonies.

The album cover and animations accompanying individual tracks were made by graphic artist Anna Szalwa. Soon on youtube.

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