I really like collaborating with other artists. I am happy to invite them to do something together. I enjoy watching my ideas filtered by their talent and sensitivity.

Afterimage is music in which a minimalist piano meets passionate vocals. The album consists of 12 tracks, created in collaboration with the singer Magdalena Este. There are no words here. At least those whose meaning would be clearly established.

A mini-album with 4 songs by me, created at various times, beautifully sung by Magdalena or together, by both of us.

The album was composed - together with Ewa - during the pandemic lockdown. Minimalist, with only a piano. Lyrics (mine) about loneliness, sadness, longing - about all that touched us so much then.

I composed, arranged and co-produced this album for Ewa eM. I also wrote most of the lyrics. And I even sang here and there. You will find drums, guitars, strings, keyboards, even kalimba there!

Disco form and disco content. And Ania's voice.

A minimalist piece - only Ania's voice and a piano, played by Grzegorz Urban with bravado

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